Licensing Programs

how to become a giant miscanthus grower

Licensing Programs

For Growers

REPREVE Renewables is the exclusive supplier of Freedom Giant Miscanthus. Registered and certified material is now ready for delivery for Spring of 2012. We have the ability to plant thousands of acres this year.

We offer a full grower’s assistance program, including planting supervision, growing assistance and quality monitoring. Get in touch with us to talk about a growing program that suits your biomass needs.

Costs for Planting
Our goal as a company is to work with both growers and end-users to provide economical solutions to their feedstock needs. We work constantly to reduce the costs of rhizomes, planting and harvesting. As each engagement is different, and because we want to serve your specific needs, please contact us about pricing specifics and about a feedstock solution for you.

For more information call (888) 447-6938.

Healthy Vigorous Rhizomes
Our rhizomes come from our fields and are harvested and processed just before re-planting in the field. By planting rhizomes, your plants will be best prepared for this growing season and beyond, as the rhizomes contain all the nutrient boost needed to emerge and begin new growth. And, because we have planting material available now, you don't have to plant and re-plant your own rhizomes to expand your acreage. You can plant tens, hundreds, or thousands of acres this year. That can make the difference in economics as you're not waiting extra time for additional crop propagation and maturing. And with the BCAP program in place to help with establishment of the crop, planting acreage now instead of down the road ensures that you receive any available support funding before the program expires.
Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP)
>Payments of up to 75% of establishment costs
>Annual payments for up to 5 years for establishment
>Dollar-for-dollar matching payments at time of sale (of up to $45/ton) for the first two years

FREEDOM License Details
REPREVE Renewables, LLc is the exclusive supplier of FREEDOM giant miscanthus. The goal of our licensing program is to promote the development of FREEDOM and provide growers with the planting stock and guidance they need to establish commercial-scale plots, as quickly and economically as possible.
REPREVE Renewables Support
We have planted and grown millions of giant miscanthus rhizomes and our employees have over a decade of research and experience in growing and propagating energy crops and perennial grasses. As a licensed grower, you’ll be getting the “FREEDOM Giant Miscanthus Growers Guide,” in order to help you realize the establishment of a quality stand of FREEDOM giant miscanthus. We can also provide you with the guidelines for getting your field qualified as contract Acreage under USDA Farm Service Agency’s Biomass Crop Assistance Program (“BCAP”).
As a Licensed Grower You Receive
  • The right to grow FREEDOM giant miscanthus, a university-released variety of miscanthus x giganteus for which a patent is pending.
  • Certified FREEDOM rhizomes for your certified land.
  • A comprehensive FREEDOM Giant Miscanthus Growers Guide to help growers develop a successful growth plan and realize maximum yield.
Should you desire to expand beyond your acreage, we will work with you to try to reach your goals. As a licensed grower, you do not have the right to expand your licensed acreage your own; however, if you decide to expand, our years of experience and dedicated infrastructure will be there to support you with certified foundation stock. Whether your goal is to expand steadily or immediately plant thousands of acres, we believe we will have availability of planting stock to fit your needs.
Licensed Grower Requirements
For quality control purposes, we will inspect and register your site prior to your planting the crop. As a part of the inspection and registration process, we will need to precisely document (GPS) your licensed acreage, test soil compositions, and inspect for noxious weeds. Once your growth plan is established, you will agree to maintain accurate records on your licensed acreage and crop performance during its establishment and growth, for our quality control purposes.

Giant Miscanthus-Rhizomes and growing program

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